June 12th, 2005

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Well today was a bitter sweet one. My mamma came home from the hospital..YAH!! She's sore but she's in good spirits! The race....what to say about that!?!?! Kasey blew 3 tires, can you say BAD LUCK? Jeff did good, and I like Carl Edwards but I was cheering SOOOO hard for Brian. Hendrick power...5 in the top 12, AND Joe runs a Hendrick engine :) Jeffy moved to 9th, and Tony dropped to 10....YES!!!!! That's what my dad gets for running his mouth allll week :) My shissy was sad cause of Jr. She called me all upset and then Kasey blew his tires so I called her all upset lol. The Busch race replays at 6, so I'm gonna watch that. Reed is now 1st in points :)(YaH) but I don't really thinks it's fair that Carl loses all those points. Im working on my LJ, trying to get it right...I think its finally coming along. Well i'm gonna go watch a movie! <3-ME
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