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Well...I just got back from the Coke 600. It was a super crazy day. I met Casey Mears, and Scott Riggs, and i sall Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, and Jack Roush. They cut the lines off to meet them so we didn't get the chance. It was a hella long race and ALL of the drivers my family members like wrecked, so it freakin sucked. Kasey, Jeff, Tony, Jr. ALL of em. The cautions were crazy. But all in all it was really fun. Monday we got up and went to some race shops. We went to Woods Bro, Joe Gibbs (we met Joe..he was super nice) and DEI. Then Tuesday we went to Evernham, were I sall Kasey, Tommy and Slugger but they were going to a meeting so we didn't get to them in time!! SUCKED SOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD! I was that close to Kasey, I mean like 20 feet and didn't get to freakin see him :( Then we went to Penske, Roush, Ganassi, Hendrick and Yates...there might have been more but I don't remember off the top of my head. OHHH and I found out where Kasey lived but I just drove by NOTHING else, I don't want ppl to think i'm a crazy stalker person. But it was in the phone book & I remember it from Drivers 360, it's an appartment but its in a REALLY nice area. Then we went to Myrtle Beach which...is cool but I went to this for the race. We did go by Rockingham and that was neat to see. On our way home we went by Talladega which was cool again, we are going back in October. We just got home a couple hours ago, just wanted to update and stuff.
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